Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Symposia Selected for Entomological Society of America Meeting

The Entomological Society of America (ESA) will feature 70 symposia on insect science at their Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, December 13-16, 2009. They are:

Integrative Physiological and Molecular Insect Systems Symposia:
• Cold Case Files: Integrative Perspectives on Physiological and Molecular Responses of Insects to Low Temperature
• Evolutionary Arms Race of Resistance in Herbivores to Novel Chemistries: Lessons from Native and Agricultural Systems
• Mite Invasions: Learning from the Invaders
• The Quiet Revolution: Facilitating International, Holistic, Service Learning on Toxicologic, Physiologic Issues

Structural, Veterinary, and Public Health Systems Symposia:
• Celebrating the Success of Global Insect Repellent Science Research
• Celebration of Entomology: Advances in Stable Fly (Stomoxys calcitrans) Research
• Novel Ideas in Sand Fly Research: Classification and Systematics, Epidemiology, and Molecular Interactions
• Vector-borne Disease and Public Health Protection by the Federal Sector

Systematics, Evolution, and Biodiversity Symposia:
• Advances in Aquatic Entomology: Celebrating the Role of Aquatic Insects in Scientific Research
• Diversity and Biology of Parasitoid Hymenoptera: A tribute to Lubomir Masner
• Phylogeography and Historical Biogeography: What Can Insects Tell Us About the Past?
• The Long and Short of Longicorns: Cerambycid Workers Symposium
• Understanding Group-living in Social Invertebrates

Plant–Insect Ecosystems Symposia:
• Celebrating over 120 Years of Regulatory Pest Control: Social, Political, Legal, and Biological Challenges of Detection, Quarantine, and Eradication Programs
• Corn Rootworm Management: State of the Art and a Look Toward the Future
• Current Research and Future Challenges on the Use of Arthropods in Inundative Biological Control Programs
• Developing Effective Management Strategies for Curculionidae: Novel Tactics Targeting the Axis of Weevil
• Honoring Hölldobler and Wilson by Celebrating the Social Insects
• Insect Scientist/Plant Breeder Interactions: Working Together Towards Host Plant Resistance in Soybeans
• Plant Disease Vector Movement and Spatial Dynamics in Greenhouse and Cropping Systems
• Pollinator Diversity in Urban, Agricultural, and Native Landscapes
• Stewardship of Plant Incorporated Protectant Crops

ESA Member Symposia:
• Advances in Acarology 2009
• Advances in the Application of Molecular and Biochemical Methods for Biological Control Research
• Advances in the Use of IPM for Arthropod Management in Greenhouses
• A Feast from Bees: Celebrating the Cornucopia of Pollinators Meeting the Needs of Modern Agriculture
• Annual Business Meeting of the North American Section of the International Union for the Study of Social Insects
• BCE Symposium: Green Pest Management Technology
• Building Sustainable Urban Landscapes
• Celebrating a Versatile Technology for Entomological Science: Diagnostic DNA Barcoding Comes of Age
• Celebrating Darwin’s 200th Birthday: Using Insects to Teach Evolutionary Concepts
• Celebrating Entomology at the USDA Agricultural Research Service
• Coleopterists Society
• Conservation of Butterflies
• Current and Emerging Trends in Vegetable Insect Pest Management
• DoD Entomology: Unique Opportunities and Challenges
• Entomological Disaster: Success Stories Thanks to Scientific Collaboration
• Fire Ant eXtension Network Meeting
• From Bottle to Drawer and Beyond: Novel Methodology in the Collection and Curation of Hymenoptera
• Heteropterists Conference
• Insect Resistance Management: Science, Scope, and Solutions
• Korean Young Entomologists (KYE)
• Look What Ken Yeargan Started!
• Minute Pirate Bugs (Orius spp.) a Potential Biocontrol Tool in IPM of Fruit, Ornamental, and Vegetable Pests
• North American Neuropterists Meeting
• Overseas Chinese Entomologists Association (OCEA): Looking into the Future
• Plant Resistance to Insects and Pathogens: Is It Really so Different?
• Regulation of Transgenic Crops: The State of the Science
• Regulatory and Extension Network Symposia: Extension and Regulatory Programs—Interfacing and Connecting
• Science and New Policy Ideas: A New Foundation for Governance and Regulatory Frameworks
• SOLA Scarab Workers
• Stored-Product Insect Pest Management: Outputs and Outcomes of Collaborative Research
• Student Debate: Implications of Insect Management for Human Survival
• Systematics and Diversity of Coleoptera
• The Colorado Potato Beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata) Past, Present, and Future: Integrating Management and Reality
• The Future of Biological Control of Japanese Beetles and Scarab Pests
• The Larry L. Larson Symposium: New Developments from Industry for Insect Management through Biotechnology and Chemical Solutions
• The Passion of Entomology
• The Sterile Insect Technique: Achievements and Challenges for Area-Wide Integrated Pest Management
• Turfgrass and Ornamental Pest Management: Celebrating Colleagues, Science, and New Ideas
• Vector-Virus Interactions in Agroecosystems: Approaches, Advancements, and Limitations
• What’s New in Forest Entomology?

ESA Program Symposia:
• Bringing Geospatial Colleagues, Science and Ideas Together: Opportunities for Spatial Analysis and Remote Sensing in Entomology
• Celebrating Stern et al. (1959): The Past, Present, and Future of IPM
• Celebrating the Role of Entomology in the Genomics Revolution
• Colleagues, Science and Ideas: Investigating Chemicals, Signals, and Interactions
• Entomology and Bioenergy
• Insect Molecular Physiology: Basic Science to Applications
• Serendipity: Celebrating the Synchrony of Ideas, Colleagues, and Science in Unexpected Ways
• Teaching: Ideas to Contemplate - ESA Distinguished Achievement Award in Teaching Winners

Members of the media who would like to attend ESA meetings can contact the ESA (sro@entsoc.org; (301) 731-4535, ext. 3009) for a press pass. For more information on ESA's Annual Meeting: http://www.entsoc.org/am/cm/index.htm